Each Box contains:

- One Clear Cut Autographed Relic Card
- One Strata Autograph or Strata Signature Card
- one Strata Relic Card
- Five Die-Cut Cards

Celebrating the NFL players who have taken their games to another level, 2014 Topps Strata Football returns with cutting-edge autographed reliC technology!

Key Rookies: Jadeveon Clowney, Blake Bortles, Sammy Watkins, Khalil Mack, Mike Evans, Eric Ebron, Odell Beckham, Jr., Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, Derek Carr, Marqise Lee.



Clear Cut Autographed Relic Rookie Cards:

Showcasing up to 40 rookies! These cards contain the largest jumbo jersey swatch possible (2.875" x 1.875") under a die-cut window. Signed on-card!

- Bronze Parallel - #'d
- Topaz PATCH Parallel - #'d
- Sapphire PATCH Parallel - #'d HOBBY ONLY!
- Emerald PATCH Parallel - #'d HOBBY ONLY!
- Ruby PATCH Parallel - #'d HOBBY ONLY!
- Quartz GLOVES Parallel - Featuring a glove swatch, #'d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY!
- Quartz PIGSKIN Parallel - Featuring a football swatch, #'d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY! NEW!
- Quartz SWOOSH Parallel - Featuring a Nike Swoosh, #'d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY! NEW!
- Quartz TEAM PATCH Parallel - Featuring a multi-color team patch, #'d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY!

Strata Signature Relic Cards:

This multi-layered autograph relic card will showcase over 35 rookies with their autographs and a jumbo relic swatch. NUMBERED!

- Ruby PATCH Parallel - Featuring a jersey patch #'d HOBBY ONLY!
- Rivet PATCH Parallel - Featuring a jersey patch relic and a rivet that enables the 3 different layers of the card to swivel and fan out #'d HOBBY ONLY!
- Rivet SWOOSH Parallel - A rivet parallel card containing the prime Nike Swoosh jersey swatch, #'d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY! NEW!

Clear Cut Dual Autographed Rookie Patch Book Cards:

Rookies are paired up on a book card featuring two Clear Cut Autographed Relic Cards with on-card autographs. #'d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY!

Veteran Strata Signature Patch Card:

5 of the top NFL Veterans are highlighted featuring on-card autographs. #'d Rivet Parallel - #'d to 5


Strata Autographs:

Up to 50 players - Rookies and Veterans Included! Autographed versions of the player's base card.

- Bronze Parallel - #'d
- Topaz Parallel - #'d
- Sapphire Parallel - #'d
- Emerald Parallel - #'d
- Ruby Parallel - #'d
- Quartz Parallel - #'d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY!

Strata Signatures:

The next level of autograph cards arrive showing over 35 players with on-card autographs on a multi-layered card. #'d to 50 HOBBY ONLY! NEW!

Strata Quad Autograph Book Card:

Combinations of 4 rookie stars in each book card. #'d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY!

Strata Relic Cards:

Up to 50 subjects - Rookies and Veterans Included!

- Bronze Parallel - #'d to 150
- Topaz PATCH Parallel - #'d to 90
- Sapphire PATCH Parallel - #'d to 70
- Emerald PATCH Parallel - #'d to 35
- Ruby PATCH Parallel - #'d to 10
- Quartz PATCH Parallel - #'d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY!


Strata Die-Cut Cards:

50 players on perimeter die-cut cards in the shape of the NFL shield.

- Autograph Parallel - #'d

Quarterback Die-Cut:

Over 30 of the league's leading signal callers on a perimeter die-cut card.

- Autograph Parallel - #'d

Veterans (100 subjects):

Superstars from each NFL team.

Rookies (100):

The leading freshmen from the 2014 NFL rookie class

- Gold Parallel (200) - 1 in 3 packs HOBBY ONLY!
- Bronze Parallel (100 Rookies) - #'d to 150
- Topaz Parallel (100 Rookies) - #'d to 99
- Sapphire Parallel (100 Rookies) - #'d to 50
- Emerald Parallel (100 Rookies) - #'d to 10
- Ruby Parallel (100 Rookies) - #'d 1/1
- Printing Plates (200) - #'d 1/1

18 Packs Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack

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